Juan Kasari

Contemporary artist
Lens based works

Temporaryspace is a contemporary art project run by two Finnish artists, Jonna Johansson and Juan Kasari.

Tourism, globalisation and consuming as a cultural phenomenon are the main subjects of the installation “Temporary Space, Tourism”. Installation shows the tourism as a phenomenon of masses, a process of purchase and a sale of experiences documented by a domestic photos, postal and videos that testify that one “was there”. Temporary Space recreates own symbolism to construct parody of the tourism and its cultural, political and social implications.


Synthetic materials, false palms, T-shirts, postcards, videos, and photos for example are some of the elements which are used to construct a “tourist shop” installation.

The relation between the tourism and the art is privacy; actual tourist person in a photo is as much a tourist landmark as the Statue of Liberty or The Colosseum is. Images of the tourist products show also ”other side” of tourism and globalisation. Subjects of the postcards varies from homeless people to ”pirate” products.


Temporary Space also deals with the globalisation theme, the idea of Western World which will become a one big space without any cultural differences. 
































Temporary Space