Juan Kasari

Contemporary artist
Lens based works

"Cut up", photography,40x60 cm, 2022
The cutup is a mechanical method of juxtaposition in which Kasari literally cuts up images of his installations and then pastes them back together at random. Its based on William Burroughs cut ups

 In Transition - Absence II
Exhibition at Mältinranta art center Tampere
2020 video projections

American Prayer, 2016-2017
4 x videoprojection, build elements, Diasec photo
Helsinki contemporary art fair

Room 616, installation
Private exhibition at Per
i Photograph center Turku, Finland
3 x videoprojection, build elements (walls) white acrylic plexiglass

Private exhibition at gallery Sinne,
Helsinki Finland

"Studies of light and weather"
Private exhibition at Kuvataideakatemian galleria Helsinki 2012

70`s story 2012
Installation, video projection, furniture
Private show at 00130Gallery Helsinki


Filters - reference to a film,
2014-2015 Diasec


Spectroscope photography
Diasec, 2014-2020

Karosta Houses I- IV /
"It was ment to be a Perfect Society"
C-print on Dipond, Epoxy varnish/
Lambda print on alu-dipond, 2010-2012

Absence I
Private exhibition at MUU gallery Helsinki
2018 video projections

More Feeling More Surface
Exhibition documentation
Private exhibition at Hippolyte gallery Helsinki 2012

 "Absence III"
curated site specific installation and outside projection at Lumen Rauma, Finland 2022

cOntact: juan.kasari@gmail.com

"Absence III"
installation, 4 video projectors, build elements, shown at Cable factory Helsinki,
curated group exhibition at Muu art fair 2022

Juan Kasari: Between Paths I, 2020 Video work from installation " 
text by W.B Yeats "Second Coming" read by Nicole Willis
Sound: White noise sound by Juan Kasari

Absence V and Absence V part 2, 2024
curated installation at LUX HELSINKI

Absence IV
 Hyvinkää Art Museum Finland,
"Boisturous Light" curated group exhibition
Finland 2023-2024

"Absence" one channel work shown at
Finlayson/Kuusvooniksen tehdas Tampere Finland,
large scale outdoor projection,
curated by finnish light art socieety, 2024